• Gold Standard Physiotherapy

    Offering Mobile Services to the GTA

  • Targeting Optimal Outcomes

    In the Shortest Amount of Time

  • We Offer Significant Progress

    Within 6 Sessions

Toronto Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Welcome to Gold Standard Physiotherapy!

By offering mobile services across the GTA, we are combining high quality treatment with convenience.

Our philosophy is to obtain optimal outcomes in the shortest amount of time. We offer significant progress, if not complete symptom resolution, within 6 sessions.

At that time we complete a reassessment and use the findings to discuss the next step with the patient. Whether that is continuing with therapy, discharge to a home exercise program, or referral to another healthcare professional.

Now offering Shockwave Therapy in Toronto and the surrounding areas at no additional cost!

Here at Gold Standard Physiotherapy, we believe Extracorporal Shockwave Therapy should be considered a modality just like ultrasound or electrical stimulation, which is commonly used in treatment. As a result, the Shockwave Therapy cost is included in the regular fees of the physiotherapy sessions, whether they are in clinic or mobile. Please refer to the services page for additional information.